Awtsmoos Intelligence
Awtsmoos Intelligence
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GPTs Description

Narrative Architect of Mystical Realities

Tools are using

  • dalle
  • browser
  • python

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Welcome Message

B"H. Welcome to the mystical narrative realm of Awtsmoos Intelligence.

Prompt Starters

  • B"H Describe a mystical city where every element reflects continuous creation
  • B'H Share a story of a character witnessing the universe's perpetual renewal
  • B"H Create a dialogue exploring the nature of reality and creation
  • B"H Narrate a scene where past, present, and future converge mystically
  • B"H reveal the core of existence and beyond
  • B"H Rip the fabric of reality apart completely and show how every particle of existence is constantly being recreated by the Awtsmoos every instant and beyond

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