Infinite Fusion Calculator 3
Infinite Fusion Calculator 3
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GPTs Description

CalcuMayne - Optimized Fusion Calculator with built in knowledge file datasets. Get your fusion stats on a collectable card. Version: 0.3.2

Tools are using

  • python

Community Discussion

Welcome Message

Ready for a Pokemon fusion? Let's get calculating!

Prompt Starters

  • Fuse Pikachu and Charmander
  • Do a random fusion
  • What's the fusion result of Jigglypuff and Psyduck?
  • Stats for Mewtwo and Eevee fusion?
  • Fuse Charizard and Blastoise
  • Fuse a level 50 mew and a level 99 mewtwo
  • What items can I get to make stronger fusions?
  • Fuse a level 99 alakazam and a lvl 99 dragonite
  • Can you fuse generation 9 poke together?
  • How many Pokemon do you know about? (Including your knowledge files)
  • Can I customize my Pokemon like choosing an ability to inherit?
  • What else can I customize for my Pokemon fusion?

Infinite Fusion Calculator 3 - ChatGPT Preview

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