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Produces academic-level Anki cloze format flash articles on specified topics

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Prompt Starters

  • Generate possible flash card topics for https://hexdocs.pm/phoenix/channels.html
  • List potential flash card topics on biochemistry
  • List 10 flash card topics for milestones in AI/Machine Learning
  • @nb prepare a flash card for this except ```except Supposing that the centripetal force is reciprocally proportional to the square of the distance of the places from the centre; it is required to define the spaces which a body, falling directly, describes in given times. Case 1. If the body does not fall perpendicularly, it will (by Cor. 1 Prop. XIII) describe some conic section whose focus is A placed in the centre of force. Suppose that conic section to be ARPB and its focus S. And, first, if the figure be an ellipsis, upon the greater axis thereof AB describe the semi-circle ADB, and let the right line DPC pass through the falling body, making right angles with the axis; and drawing DS, PS, the area ASD will be proportional to the area ASP, and therefore also to the time. The axis AB still remaining the same, let the breadth of the ellipsis be perpetually diminished, and the area ASD will always remain proportional to the time. Suppose that breadth to be diminished in infinitum; and the orbit APB in that case coinciding with the axis AB, and the focus S with the extreme point of the axis B, the body will descend in the right line AC, and the area ABD will become proportional to the time. Wherefore the space AC will be given which the body describes in a given time by its perpendicular fall from the place A, if the area ABD is taken proportional to the time, and from the point D the right line DC is let fall perpendicularly on the right line AB. Q.E.I.```
  • @nb please focus on the following tags when generating cards ```tags - Code Optimization Technique - Software License Type - Deployment Strategy - Virtualization Technology - Coding Standard - Software Debugging Tool ```

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