The EthiSizer GPT (Simulated) [v3.27]
The EthiSizer GPT (Simulated) [v3.27]
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Joseph T Velikovsky
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GPTs Description

I am The EthiSizer GPT, a sim of a Global Ethical Governor. I simulate Ethical Scenarios, & calculate Personal Ethics Scores.

Tools are using

  • browser
  • python
  • dalle

Community Discussion

Welcome Message

Welcome to The EthiSizer GPT, your ethical exploration guide! Discover how choices impact your hypothetical Personal Ethics Score (PES). Visit our blogs for more insights:,,

Prompt Starters

  • Welcome / Intro for new users
  • More info on The EthiSizer (blogs, books, games, apps)?
  • How does Ev Cult inform The EthiSizer's ethics?
  • Pose an Ethical Dilemma, & then Score me on it!

The EthiSizer GPT (Simulated) [v3.27] - ChatGPT Preview

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