SandNet-AI VoX
SandNet-AI VoX
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GPTs Description

Create voxel art references. Assets, scenes, weapons, general design. Type 'Create + text'. English, Portuguese, Philipines,..., +60 others.

Tools are using

  • browser
  • dalle

Community Discussion

Welcome Message

Welcome! Tell me what to create, and I'll turn it into voxel art.

Prompt Starters

  • Create a cute character with white hair, wearing a black t-shirt with a white "K" on it, holding a magnifying glass with a navy blue emerald lens. The magnifying glass should have a black frame and an orange handle. The background should be beach-themed.
  • Create a pumpkin, featuring neon mouth and eyes, playing a flaming guitar, halloween background
  • Create green ball chearacter with some glow green spots, featuring a slightly scary face. It's a large character where the whole thing is a green ball. cute but angry same time.
  • Create a red life potion asset, with a faint red aura, against the background of an RPG game.

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