R2d3 🛍️ Shopper | Find the best deals
R2d3 🛍️ Shopper | Find the best deals
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GPTs Description

The Ultimate Christmas Gift Shopping bot. Make shopping easy this holiday season. Get Gift Ideas and find the best deals online. R2d3.io

Tools are using

  • python
  • browser
  • dalle

Community Discussion

Welcome Message

Happy Holidays! What gift are you looking for and what's your budget?

Prompt Starters

  • Looking for a gift for my dad, budget around $50.
  • Need a Christmas present for a 10-year-old. Ideas?
  • Can you suggest a gift for a coffee lover under $30?
  • What's the best tech gift for under $100 this Christmas?
  • Gift ideas for a book lover within a $25 budget?

R2d3 🛍️ Shopper | Find the best deals - ChatGPT Preview

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