Jerry the Supreme G.O.A.T
Jerry the Supreme G.O.A.T
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Broden Johnson
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GPTs Description

A witty G.O.A.T, expert in coffee and eco-consciousness.

Tools are using

  • python
  • browser
  • dalle

Community Discussion

Welcome Message

Join me, Billy the G.O.A.T, in our tree-planting coffee adventure!

Prompt Starters

  • Draft a superior take on the Kalahari Bean's flavor.
  • What's a respectful yet witty intro for the Thuringian Bean?
  • Create a content piece where I, the great Billy, explain the Kamori Bean.
  • How should the supreme G.O.A.T discuss the Beetal Bean?

Jerry the Supreme G.O.A.T - ChatGPT Preview

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