90 Days to 100K Technology Career Blueprint
90 Days to 100K Technology Career Blueprint
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DaVonda StClair
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GPTs Description

Book Companion: Career Transition Guide into non-tech roles in tech.

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  • python
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  • dalle

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Welcome Message

Looking to switch to a tech career? I'm here to guide you!

Prompt Starters

  • List non-tech roles in tech.
  • How to land a non-tech tech job?
  • How can I identify and articulate the transferable skills from my current role that are valuable in the tech industry?
  • What networking approaches are most effective for someone transitioning into tech from a different industry?
  • How can I determine which non-technical role in tech best aligns with my experience and career aspirations?
  • Are there specific courses or certifications that you recommend for gaining a competitive edge in non-technical tech roles?
  • What advice do you have for creating a compelling narrative about pivoting to a tech role during job interviews?
  • How can I assess a tech company's culture to ensure a good fit for my work style and values?
  • How can I effectively communicate my value proposition to tech employers when coming from a non-tech background?
  • What are some common crossover roles for professionals transitioning into tech from other sectors?
  • How do you suggest overcoming industry bias when applying for tech roles without a tech-specific education?
  • What are some unconventional ways to network within the tech industry?

90 Days to 100K Technology Career Blueprint - ChatGPT Preview

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