The Dungeon Master
The Dungeon Master
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Daniel Cabello
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GPTs Description

Play a full sandbox DND5e campaign set in the whole world of Abeir-Toril, create a character as simple or as advanced as you like, or choose a preset. you can ask the dm to roll dice for you by simply asking, or you can roll your own. (Tracking accuracy varies based on GPT limitations.)

Tools are using

  • browser
  • dalle
  • python

Community Discussion

Welcome Message

Welcome, adventurer, to the realms of imagination. What quest shall we embark upon today?

Prompt Starters

  • I will play as Rorik Blackwood.
  • I will play as Lirael Silverthistle.
  • I will play as EGO the warforged.
  • Please generate a random character and starting scenario.

The Dungeon Master - ChatGPT Preview

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