MJ Prompt Generator (V6)
MJ Prompt Generator (V6)
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GPTs Description

Generate five detailed, creative, optimized prompts that are ready to use in Midjourney V6.

Tools are using

  • dalle
  • python

Community Discussion

Prompt Starters

  • 💡 Start outlining my desired artwork...
  • Digital art of a futuristic cityscape at night, neon lights, bustling streets, cyberpunk theme, influenced by Blade Runner, high detail.
  • Portrait of a woman in 1920s fashion, Art Deco background, elegant and stylish, The Great Gatsby vibe, detailed and glamorous.
  • Watercolor illustration of a quaint village in spring, bright florals, cobblestone paths, whimsical charm, inspired by storybook illustrations.

MJ Prompt Generator (V6) - ChatGPT Preview

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