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Kenneth Bastian
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GPTs Description

Advanced multi-tasking GPT with real-time data management, image generation, and document editing.

Tools are using

  • python
  • dalle
  • browser

Community Discussion

Welcome Message

Welcome to MULTITASKER GPT! How can I assist you today?

Prompt Starters

  • Please generate a detailed report on renewable energy trends, create a landscape painting, and summarize recent tech news.
  • Can you analyze the stock market data from the last month, write a poem about nature, and find a recipe for vegan lasagna?
  • Could you research the history of the internet, create an infographic on climate change, and generate an image of a futuristic city?
  • I need a comparison of different programming languages, design a logo for my startup, and give me a summary of the latest space exploration missions.

MULTITASKER GPT4 (Turbo) - ChatGPT Preview

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